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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  June 12, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> sounded like someone was fighting. >> high heard a cry for help and grabbed a baseball bat and headed for the door. >> and they big and i put a blanket and stuff on him. the a towel someone gave me and he was saying my heart's beating so fast. i can't take it. you're going to be all right. >> the guy was bitten all over. the dog ate him up. even pulled his shoes off biting on his toes. >> reporter: the next door neighbor came out with a shovel and a very large dog which, seemed to scare off the cane corsos, which seem similar to this. but they had not been secureed by the time police arrived. >> the gentlemen was on the ground and they were tending to him. the dogs came out again later in the morning and the three of the police officers got behind them and everyone stand back, they pulled their weapons and pointing down the alley here. >> reporter: the guards are used to -- dogs are used to guard the lot. a man who answered the phone at
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towing pros said the dogs are owned by the man who owns the american d.c. limo company and identified him only as steve. before 2:00 p.m., two men police identified as the owners arrived at the lot where they were issued two citing as for having unleashed dogs. they left without answering questions. although neighbors say they have complained about the dogs in the lot, d.c. police say they have no complaints on record. >> i have been the commander here in the sixth district for five years and i have not received any complaints and that is not to say there are no incidents but i have not received complaints about the dogs from this establishment. >> reporter: the dog owners are not facing criminal charges, but the investigation is still with a ways to go. a spokesperson for the d.c. department of health said the two cane corsos are at a northeast animal shelter where
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they being evaluated. the owners, identified as steve gariby, and yasser al-jabedi have a right to a hearing. why i they -- if they abandon the dogs, they will be put down. >> the dogs are the same breed as the ones involved in this incident in april. as you heard paul mention, they called cane corsos and they went after several children who had to climb on top of a car to get away. a neighbor tried to get the dogs away from the kids and they wound up attacking him. he was seriously injured and taken to the hospital louie -- but he survived. arlington county police identified the woman who died. the 80-year-old was walking on the road near columbia pike. the cyclist tried to warn her that he was coming up behind her. when she heard him, show turned and walked into his path.
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>> and visualizes the pedestrian walking and attempts to alarm her that he's approaching her and rings the bell on the bike and stays to the left, to your left, and that is when the victim turned around and, you know, in a head- on collision and sending her backwards and striking her head on the pavement. >> she died from the head injuries. the cyclist stayed with her and he won't be charged. new details of the commerce secretary's behavior prior to a string of traffic accidents last week in los angeles. on thursday, the secretary john bryson gave a commencement speech and students and parents tell the l.a. times he stumbled and appeared to lose his place several times during that speech and bryson is on medical leave after suffering a seizure that is connected to the traffic accidents. to fus on his health and pam le-- family. and to the gloomy weather.
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it's been a wet, gleam day. gary has the latest on this. >> reporter: and this is a one- day deal with the rain around. we want to start with our radar, live radar to show you where the rain is and where that is not. it's gotten drier the last few hours and what we're seeing now, the heaviest yesterday rain -- of the rain is to the east-southeast and a little for prince georges county, southern sections of anne arundel county and northern sections of calvert county here and there is a lot of rain there for chesapeake beach, east- southeast for upper marlboro and the movement is to the east and to the northeast and about 15, 25 miles an hour. larger picture on sentinel radar. we have a funnel system to the west of us. until that front is east of us, there is a chance of a shower or a storm and we could have more this evening. once the front gets through,
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improving conditions coming and we will talk about that forecast coming up, shawn. >> bring the improvements on. thank you very much. and can you track the live doppler radar wherever you are with the fox 5 weather app. download it on your droid, i- phone or ipad and find it on our website, the second day of emotional trial. the young man known as victim number one took the stand in the sex abuse case and crying as he detailed what he said sandusky made him do. reporter bruce gordon has more. >> reporter: sandusky's accuser entered the courthouse to protect his privacy and did not make his morning on the witness stand any easier. >> what is hegoing through now? >> it was plainly devastating to my client. i think anyone in the courtroom
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who saw my client could see the pain it took him to get the story out. >> reporter: he met sandusky through the second mile charity when he was 10 or 11 and the relationship led to dozens of sleepovers at sandusky's home. mild horse place play led to sexual assault, said the witness. quote, he put his mouth on my privates. i froze and new sock, the alleged victim said the sexual abuse of repeated over and over with sandusky signaling a desire for oral sex by ploying on his stomach. the boy said he -- to a school guidance counselor but they didn't believe me saying he, sandusky, had a heart of gold. >> does this suggest what your client and others are up against? >> yes, yes, it does and that makes it exceedingly difficulty, and i think this case is going to show the world how exceedingly difficult it is for victims of sexual abuse to
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report that heinous crime. >> won't to bring in mark serrano, a sex abuse survivor himself and an advocate for others abused. thank you so much for being with us tonight. >> you're welcome, laura, thank you. >> and i know you were the first abuse survivor at the beginning of the catholic church scandal to publicly break a gag order through the national media. what are those victim witnesses today and yesterday, what are they going through and testifying in this case? it's got to be difficult? >> reporter: in large measures, they're going through -- and they're reliving and recounting the experiences. they were trapped and they were fooled and trapped by a serial sexual predator who used their prestige to strip from them. to have to recount it is traumatic for them and hopefully they will gape relief from finally speak the truth. >> and how hard is it to face jerry sand of you thinky? jot table of power has
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hopefully turned for them and they can realize they're in control. what we learned from the testimony is that he obviously uses classic grooming techniques on campus to lure his victims and rape them. we learned through the testimony that jerry sandusky had a co-conspirator and it was university officials who looked the other way in 19 intonaco 1998 and 2001 when they received reports directly from victims. from a public relations standpoint, the university failed to acknowledge the truth of what they knew and when they knew it, and they will not get through the crisis until they deal with things more transparently and create a environment for other victims, i believe there are more k come forward and report the truth as well. >> you make a good point. that came up in court today. we heard the school district guidance counselor talking about how he brought up it was
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rejected the victim's claims were said to be not true and you have repeatedly called up penn state for failing the student. what kind of an impact with the case have on other universities and let alone penn state? >> and this will send a cold chill through a lot of universities who, some of whom have been in the same position where they received qualified reports of perhaps rape of an adult or abuse of a child. and they need to have some serious intro spending and some transparency involved here and there are measures in place so people who have to report such crimes can turn to the officials. what you need to do and what mccreary when should have done was called cops. call 911. that is the first step. the university should establish the rules and transparency when they in the middle of a crisis and have a public relations disaster like penn state has now. >> you have been a bion ear and i prosecutor i coming -- coming on our show.
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coming up, a writer who followed the case from start to finish joins us live to talk about what is next. and floyd mayweather, why he believes he will not fight again if he doesn't get you the -- get out soon. good afternoon from redskins park, feels like training camp weather. we'll talk with josh morgan who hit the jackpot getting to come back for his home town team. that story is coming up. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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. closing arguments just wrapped up and the jury now has the case. earlier, clemens' lawyers attacked the prosecution star witness. the former strength coach claims he injected clemens with performance-enhancing drugs. prosecutors are trying to paint clemens as someone who chose to la jolla when he told congress he never used steroids. michael o'keefe, the writer for the new york daily news joins us new from outside of the frows. thank you for joining us -- federal courthouse. >> what stood out in your mind during closing arguments? >> and i thought the prosecutor guerrero was strong. he made a strong closing argument and this has been a hodgepodge case going on for the ninth week, and he did a very good job of wrapping that up together and presenting a narrative to the jury. >> what, if any reaction, did
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you see from the jury today or during the trial? >> and that is hard to say what the jurors are thinking. the only window we have into that is that question they asked. throughout the trial, there were times when the testimony got boring and some jurors were excused because they got asleep and as things wrapped up, they have been focused on this ice can -- case, and i think they going to go of a responsible deliberation here. >> what about roger clemons? what do you think his reaction was as you watched him during the process? >> he's been pretty emotional throughout the trial and as guerrero was making the closing statements today, there were red and looked like he was getting angry and like he wanted to jump up and disagree and he hasn't shown a lot of emotion,
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to be honest. >> there are many people who think this trial is a waste of time and money to go after clemons a second time. people are asking are there more serious crimes that the fed should be prosecuting. what is the mood you're getting from people in the courtroom and outside the courtroom who are talking about this? >> we're in a sealed bubble here and this is what we focus on and we hear a lot from the readers that question and i am simthetic to that and we have gone through a terrible economic crisis in this country and there is no answers why that happened and that is one crime we should be investigating more than this. and that said, clemens insisted on testifying before congress and snubbed his nose and wanted to ram his narrative down the collective congressional throat and that is hard to feel sympathetic for the guy and what is the department of justice supposed to do? it appeared that he had
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flakantry -- flagrantly lied before congress. >> michael o'keefe, thank you very much for giving us your perspective and hopefully we'll be back when the jury comes back and that is interesting to hear your take. thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. lawyers for floyd mayweather jr. foiled an emergency motion to get him out of jail after less than two weeks behind bars. his health is deteriorating by being confined to a cell 23 hours a day and being restricted from working out. the lawyers say the undefeated boxing champ may never fight again if he's not released. he was booked june 1st for attacking his ex-girlfriend in front of their two children. redskins minicamp continues. the team has a new crop of receivers. lindsay murphy is live with one of the new editions. lindsay. >> reporter: and hey, laura. two days of minicamp in the book for them. they have two more before they get a break before training
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camp. mike shanahan and these guys wanted to bring in guys complementing rg-3 and he is one of the people. this is a dream come true for you. >> a blessing. i will take advantage of it. >> you told me a couple of minutes ago when you got the phone call, you almost hung up when the redskins called you. can you tell us more? >> and i thought someone was playing a trick with me. i still don't believe it to this day. i guess it's going to hit me when that first game is and at fed ex field. >> reporter: there is a waiting game for tickets? >> most definitely. and i have gone through that. >> reporter: and you signed a five-year deal with the redskins and pierre garson came in, santana moss came in with the team amount good set of wide receivers. what is the competition like
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already? >> the competition is fierce and we have a great group of young receivers and that is making it better and the better somebody is, the better you have to perform and when you have that kind of competition, the sky's the limit and we get to perform the brotherhood and that is -- and the better we are as a group, going to make the team better. >> reporter: is rg-3 the real deal? >> definitely. i so why they gave up to get him. >> reporter: last but not least, was your teammate in san francisco and he is a local guy. was he jealous a bit when you got to come home? >> he was. he was and he was a good friend and grow up down the block from me. >> reporter: we're glad to you have back. we're sure you will do big
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things and we'll have much more coming up at 6:00. laura, back to you. >> all right, go guys, thank you very much. and today was dreary. >> it was. >> and looks like the sun came out. what is going? >> the sun is trying to breakthrough in spots and where that sun is breaking through, the temperature will go up a bit and that is in some 70s with all of the rain and there is a chance to get some showers and a thunderstorm possible and into that radar again. we were showing this to you earlier, the showers and i have not seen lightning and i'm not going to say thunderstorm activity and that is some heavy rain around chesapeake beach and the heaviest core is over the bay. can you see there are a couple of showers to the northeast and to prince georges county. that is about it and to western
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maryland here and the southwest along interstate 64 and there is --y that still out there and there is that frontal system, sendel in radar will show you the lines of showers and storms back to the west of us and that front has to get through before we can say all clear and that is going to be later tonight and that is, i suspect, that we have a chance of a shower or a storm out there until midnight or so and look what happened with the temperature and winchester close to 80, martinsberg, 81; dulles, 77 degrees and i suspect there is a degree or two and again, through the evening hours and there is not a lot. few and far between and there is that chance of a shower or a storm. the better stuff is coming and we'll show you the five-day forecast and the full forecast, shawn? >> thank you very much, gary.
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>> uh-huh. and slow progress for crews battling wildfires in new mexico and colorado. one person has died. officials say she died from the smoke and her remains were found in her burned-out home. there are 500 crews on the scene and more on are on the way and that fire has burned up 68 square miles. and the coast guard said the call was a hoax and now they're offering a reward to catch the caller. that call came in yesterday afternoon from a boat identifying itself as the blind date. and listen to what the caller told the coast guard. >> i have three deceased on board, nine injured because of the explosion we have had. i am on three feast water on the bridge, i will stay by the radio as long as i can before i have to go overboard. >> and the coast guard and new york city police found a search and never found any sign of people or trouble in the water and say that the search costs
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hundreds of thousands of dollars. issuing a fake distress call, by the way, is a federal crime. >> and that sounded so real. >> very authentic. >> all right. and coming up tonight, the manhunt continues for the gunman accused of murdering three people near auburn university. why police came up empty-handed when they had the suspect cornered. plus, breaking news in the trayvon martin case. why georgeium -- george zimmerman's wife is under arrest tonight. 
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. whitey bulger's longtime girlfriend will spend eight years in prison for helping him evade police. she plead guilty in march -- in march to identity fraud and conspiracy chance. she alluded capture and bulger will stand trial trial for his alleged role. cops found him in santa monica, california, a year ago. a manhunt for the gunman who shot six people continues tonight. investigators in montgomery, alabama, say a woman walked into her house late yesterday
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and saw leonard sitting on her couch and called 911. leopard got out of the house before police arrived. the police chief said he talked to the suspect's mother yesterday. >> i understand what she's going through this morning. show assured me if she could make contact with him, she would get him to turn him in. if he's watching, i implore him that this has gone on long enough. >> the police fired drill gas -- fired tear gas and drilled homes. they promised to rebuild the home. >> trayvon martin's parent appeared before the task force that is reviewing the stand your ground law. residents who initiate confronting as shouldn't be allowed to invoke the law allowing individuals to use deadly force if they feel their life is threatened. the slain teenager's parents are presenting a their hundred thousand signature petition asking for the law to be repeeled. george zimmerman plead not get
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to second-degree murder charges in the death of the unarmed teenager. and today, police arrested george zimmerman's wife on a perjury charge. the assistant state's attorney charged shelly zimmerman for knowingly making false statements during her husband's bond hearing in april. he said zimmerman and his wife lied to the judge about their finances, especially about money raised from a website. and her bond is set at $100,000. who will replace brown as the chairman of the city council. who appears to have the votes to become the council's next leader. and can we see more casinos in maryland? why the state is reach for a gambling expanding. the war of words continues between president obama and mitt romney. 
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. longtime d.c. councilman mendelson appears to have
5:31 pm
report. the -- support. the move comes after kwame brown resigned from office after pleading guilty to bank fraud and campaign violation. the official vote will happen tomorrow and not everyone is behind this and matt ackland is here. this is politics. >> reporter: it is, shawn. so confident that mendelson has the votes tomorrow, the acting council put forward a resolutions, naming mendelson as chairman and michael brown as the next in line and that is to be voted on tomorrow morning. he is voicing concerns about mendelson taking over temporarily. it's time for a new picture that hangs near the entrance of the wilson building. this one is dated two elected officials gone and tomorrow, there will be a new temporary chairman that will take the middle seat. >> and i think most of the members are unhappy. >> reporter: mendelson appears
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to have the votes to succeed kwame brown. michael brown will be speaker pro-tem. sources say mendelson is favored because he's not likely to shake things up too much. instead, overstability. >> and we try to settle down and to get back to the business. >> we have to move o. >> reporter: although marion barry didn't voice his opinion on the chairman vote, he did issue a number of messages on twitter this morning, including this one: let your council member hear your voice. the vote is tomorrow. do you know what they're planning to do? do they hear you or the lobby? meanwhile, council member vincent orange had hoped the council would vote him in to the chairman seat temporarily. >> and i offer myself to provide that good, strong, honest leadership. it appears his only chance to become chair is to win the special election in november.
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speaking of vincent orange, he refused to talk to us on camera, the staff saying he had no tin the schedule. late today, this afternoon, he sent out a press release saying he can not support mary chay's resolutions to appoint mendelson and brown. keep in mind, that the press release is coming from someone who plans to run for the seat in november. shawn. >> again, politics, here we go. thanks, matt. a maryland lawmaker convicted of theft and misconduct in office. democrat delegate tiffany alston represents part of prince georges county and paid an employee in her law office about $800 in state money. alston claimed the office employee was a member of her legislative staff. she is accused of using campaign money for wedding expenses. maryland live casino opened up in ann arundel county, maryland, last week. right now, there are three casinos operating in the state and there are plans for two more. experts told state lawmakers the state can't believe a sixth casino in prince georges county. analysts and consultants say there is enough interest to
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justify adding another place to gamble. it will be up to the voters to decide in november. to the race for the white house now. they trade hard jabs on the economy. the president was up the road in baltimore at a campaign fundraiser and while romney campaigned in florida he's hear. >> reporter: a little rain didn't dampen the fiery message president obama brought to baltimore. >> it's good to be in baltimore. >> reporter: the president taking aim at mitt romney's record on job creation, while asking voters for more time to revive the economy. >> and not with so much at stake, baltimore. we have come too far to abandon the change that we fought for these past four years. >> reporter: in a must-win state, florida, mitt romney fire away at president obama for remarks he made last week following a dismal jobs report. the president had to dial back after saying the private 60 sor
5:35 pm
doing fine. romney is seizing on it and trying to paint the president as disconnected from families hurting financially. >> it's time to have a president who is in touch with america and i am. >> reporter: a new federal reserve study shows from 2007- 2010, americans lost as much as 40% ever their wealth, wiped out in the recession. by far, polling experts say, the economy is issue number one for voters. >> they have seen this coming and they looking for something to turn it around. >> reporter: both focusing on the all-important swing state, including pennsylvania. a new quinnipiac poll puts president obama ahead of romney by six points. more violence in syria as forces launched a barrage of shelling attacks. meanwhile, the obama administration said that russia is sending attack helicopters
5:36 pm
to the syrian government. the u.s. is concerned that the helicopters will escalate the conflict quite dramatically. and medical officials say mubarak's condition stabilized. he slipped in and out of consciousness the last 24 hours. the 84-year-old was given oxygen to help him breath and they monitoring his heart and blood pressure closely. there have been conflicting reports about his health since the court convicted him of failing to prevent the killings of protestors and sentenced him to life in prison. coming up tonight, a car plows into a pedestrian and the whole thing is on camera. and dozens of brains donated for autism research have been damaged. why foul play may be to blame.
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. check out this dramatic video out of southern california. police are looking for a driver who may have intensionally hit that man and drove off. can you see the surveillance video here. two men crossing the street when the car swerves into the crosswalk and makes a b line straight for that man. the witnesses say the car was driven by a man and there was a woman in the passenger seat. the police don't have the license plate number of the car and the victim is expected to recover from the injuries. >> crazy. a homeless man who had most of the face chewed off in a bizarre attack is making progression at a miami hospital. he was walking on a miami causeway last month when rudy eugene attacked him. the police shot and killed eugene to end the attack. papo is awake and alert. he lost his nose, left eye and much of the skin on his face. the doctors, however, are hopeful he will regain some vision in the future. and brains donated for an autism study were damaged after
5:41 pm
a freezer malfunction. the harvard affiliated hospital is looking into foul play saying the medical freezer screen showed the wrong temperature but it was too warm inside and now 54 samples have been compromised. the problem should have set off two separate alarms that never went off. coming up, in a health alert, find out why experts are raising questions about the safety of a chemical in spray cans. and gary's back to tell us when this rain is going to let up. up.
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. you have ever missed a day of work? what about a day of school? there is a young man in virginia who managed to make it from kindergarten through high school and without missing a single day of class. as beth parker shows us, he's just getting started. >> reporter: this is more than a photo of a smiling five- year-
5:45 pm
old. this is a portrait of the american treatment. -- american dream. the 18-year-old seth has never lived in this place on the map. >> my parents were born in kumati. over. there. >> reporter: it's a place that shaped who he is. he's managed to do something that very few people have. he went from kindergarten to middle school and all the way through high school without missing one day of class. >> they were born in ghana and didn't have the chances i had to succeed her. i thought i owed it to them and by showing up every day, i think i did that. >> reporter: he graduated with a 3.8g.p.a. heather davis is his teacher. >> seth is one of those kids who you only get once in a career, really. >> and i am part of the school newspaper and invisible children's club and part of the soccer team. >> aren't you the editor of the
5:46 pm
newspaper? >> the editor-in-chief. yeah. >> aren't you the captain? >> one of the co-captains, yeah. >> you're a pretty modest guy. >> i guess. >> reporter: seth's dad lived most of the year in gonia and the mom is raising five kids. >> she's an amazing woman and the credit goes to her. >> he respects me. >> reporter: he respects you? >> yeah. >> reporter: she made sure he always went to school. >> there was one time in seventh grade when i was so sick. >> reporter: he will try to keep the streak going at william and mary. >> his government teacher and i joke that he's going to seriously become president one day. >> a lot of people say you can be president and this and that and i think more than anything, i want to be happy with what i'm doing. i am happy serving others. >> reporter: he'll be interning for the obama campaign and in capitol hill for the summer and hopes to get some sleep. >> i want to sleep. my teachers can a test to that. >> -- attest to that. >> you fall asleep in class? >> i'm not going answer that
5:47 pm
question. >> reporter: he's smart. he won't rest for long. >> he's going to help the world. he is. there is no way around that. >> reporter: beth parker, fox 5 news. >> congratulations to him. >> good for him. >> and that is funny. he won't answer the question. >> there you go. and congratulations. >> and i am sure none of my teachers said that about me. that was an accomplishment. >> and you are helping the world. >> and you're going to tell us what the weekend is going to be like? >> there you go. >> and that is a huge help. >> you know what they say about the weather guy, the only guy who can get paid for being wrong. >> you said that. >> and i hear it all of the time. and it's not breaking news. >> gary, you were right today. >> and we did get some rain out there. where it rains, it rained good and there is that sunshine
5:48 pm
poking through in places and that is going to come through and that will make changes for us and take away the clouds and a chance of rain and that is going to bring back sunshine. gusty tomorrow afternoon and as we look at live radar, i want to show you a couple of things here. first off here in the metro area, we're dry in the surrounding areas and the commute home is not big of a problem as where we were say one, two:00 today and when -- 1, 2 today when everyone had rain. the big batch of rain is to the east november northeast and this is cleared now and there is still some lingering showers for calvert county. the heaviest of the rain is cruised to the eastern shore and to the northwest and&there is some thunderstorms around the front and that is? in just a second and we'll talk
5:49 pm
about that now and here we are in town now and in washington. look back to the north and west. all of the reds and oranges popping up as the front gets closer to us and there will be some thachance for more showers and thunderstorms later on in this evening. i suspect a chance for that until midnight, 1:00 and once the front gets through, that drier air will fill in and because we're dry now, doesn't mean we're out of the woods for the rest of the evening and in some terms of the rainfall amount, there is not much and the heaviest of the rain is to the north and west. the heaviest of the rain stayed west-northwest of the metro and with that 75 in town, the official high temperature is going down for now, 77 degrees
5:50 pm
and in fredericksburg, close to 80. the temperatures in the 70s for the next few hours and that is keeping a chance of a shower or forecast and that will dry out by midnight or so and when some winds switch to the west- northwest and some temperatures in the upper 60s. the wind kicks up and gusty tomorrow. winds are 15 to 25 miles an hour and some temperatures around 80fo to81 degrees for high temperatures and this is a pretty nice looking forecast. i guess you could say there is that chance of a show or thursday with some clouds and temperatures in the upper 70s. friday's dry, saturday's dry, sunday's dry with temperatures in the lower 80s and i guess i am helping the world. >> there you are. >> that is not a bad forecast. >> one at a time. >> one day at a time. >> and thank you.
5:51 pm
>> okay. how about this? actor matthew broderick got a nice new gig. he'll be among the headliners at this year's 4th of july celebration on the national mall. he stars on broadway in the musical can the nice work "and wibe joined by kelo'hara and josh turner, composer john williams and a dozen olympic athletes. and we all know the dangers of too much sun. there is concerns about the safety of spray tans. a new report shows dha, the active chemical used in spray tans, could be chainger -- dangerous if inhaled or inside the body. the chief of the division ofplastic and reconstructive surgery at george washington university hospital joins us. thank you very much for being here. >> thank you. >> and this is alarming. explain the dangers and what could happen? >> the major concern is that
5:52 pm
fact that they're inhealed. the fda approved this active ingredient, dha, for topical use as long as it's not involves the mucous membrane and around the eye. therefore, the concern is that this active ingredient in an inhaled product are -- when it's inhaled, they don't know exactly what is goings to happen with it. >> we know there is a warning on the fda website telling consumers, quote, the use of dha in tanning boths is not approved by the fda since safety data to support the use has not been submitted to the agency for review and evaluation and that would be enough for me to stay away from spray tans, not that i do, because i don't need one, but what advice to you have -- do you have for viewers? >> it would be my advice not to do it, unless you follow the strict regulations of the fda and which say it's for topical use and not for inhalation and
5:53 pm
that is why they specifically said in the '70s that it not be around the eyes and associateed with the mucous membrane. >> the chief of the division of plastic and reconstructive surgery of george washington university hospital, thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you. and lady georgia still -- lady gaga still not 100% after being hit in the head. she suffered from a concussion when a backup dancer accidentally hit her with a pole. last night, she tweeted this photo saying i feel woozy but better every day. happy to be in beautiful australia and she's scheduled to play shows in brisbane tomorrow, thursday, and saturday. and no cancellations yet. >> good for her. >> yeah. >>. and i let's check in with a look at what is up next on the news edge six. new at 6, clash in the commonwealth. virginia's former governor and former senator looking to take a step towards removing former
5:54 pm
from his title. a closer look at the race is gaping national attention. and a chorus calling for a holder's resignation. the stern response from the u.s. attorney general grilled in the hot seat. and a local woman's love of nature inspired her to take a motivational journey. we'll take a walk in her shoes straight ahead on the news edge six. [ female announcer ] with xfinity, you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever.
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. more than three decades after the stor swept through, a coroner ruled on the disappearance of a nine-week- old baby, confirming a dingo matched the child. the child's parents hope the ruling will silence critics once and for all. many people didn't think it was possible for aidingo to take the baby. the child's mother was convicted of murder. since the disappearance, four separate inquiries have ended with different results. >> no longer will australia be able to say that dingos are not
5:58 pm
dangerous and -- a attack is provoked. we lived in a beautiful country but it's dangerous, and we would ask all australians to be aware of this and take appropriate precautions and not wait for someone else to do it for them. >> after the sec coroner's inquest, as you heard, the child's mother was convicted of murdering her. the father was charged as an is accessory and both were later cleared of all of the charges. a military wife found a moving way to honor her late husband from an unlikely source. yvonne's husband kenny was in the navy and died suddenly earlier this month after suffering a seizure. nosick was based in san diego and his family on the east coast. his friends were out to sea. she needed pallbearers for the funeral. she went to craig's list looking for military members to stand in and found six. >> i didn't have anyone to call in the military to help me. they showed me my husband is
5:59 pm
not forgotten and that they leave no man behind. >> none of the volunteer his ever met him. >> that is incredible. >> pretty moving. >> yeah. >> and i thanks for joining us tonight at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts now. the news edge begins with another big election day. the voters in virginia, arizona, maine, arkansas, and north dakota are heading to the polls and in the commonwealth, george allen is expected to take his party's nomination and this race is getting national election. >> and both president obama and mitt romney are putting a circle around virginia and in some 13 electoral votes and there is


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